Hackuity Drives Security Prioritization by Partnering with Appurity

March 16, 2023


Hackuity, the risk-based vulnerability management company, today announced a new partnership with Appurity, a specialist in mobile and application security. Appurity will take Hackuity’s solution to market with enterprises in critical infrastructure, finance, pharma, and other sectors that recognize the pressing need to protect their entire estates against vulnerabilities. The goal is simple yet ambitious: provide a new level of control for reported security alerts and enable security departments to better prioritize them.


Hackuity has been growing its channel partners across Europe with a strategic focus on the UK. As Hackuity aims to solve vulnerability management issues within the enterprise workforce, the company will partner with providers which focus on creating a seamless, single point of view for internal security teams.


Appurity specializes in assessing security environments and delivering best-in-class mobile and application security solutions which adhere to the requirements of regulations and schemes such as Cyber Essentials and ISO’s Information Security Standards. Appurity works with companies to develop and implement impenetrable security strategies which utilize the latest technologies and security frameworks, including ZTNA, SSE, CASB, and MTD.


“Our channel strategy is simple: combine forces with the best, to provide the best,” said Matthew Fox, VP of Sales EMEA, Hackuity. “Appurity already accomplishes so much in terms of delivering comprehensive security strategies for their clients. This collaboration will further strengthen this offering by providing a centralized, single pane of glass view of reported security alerts.”


“Appurity and Hackuity’s customers share many of the same needs and trends, from continuous asset control to Endpoint Control and Continuous 360 validation testing, heightening the need for a consolidated stream of security alerts which allow you a proper, holistic view of your security controls,” said Sylvain Cortes, VP of Strategy, Hackuity. “We are delighted that this partnership will allow both companies’ customers to better meet their security, budgetary, and timing priorities.”


"Hackuity quickly addresses our customers’ needs to take control of security alert reporting, enabling security departments to better prioritize," said Steve Whiter, Appurity Director. "This partnership will better prepare our customers for all security-related issues and equip them with a consolidated view, which they wouldn’t otherwise have."


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About Hackuity

For 20 years, VM has meant inventorying, assessing, and remediating. Except that 80% of cyberattacks use a vulnerability published half a decade ago. Translation: either cybersec professionals don’t care (not true) or they can’t keep up on their own (it’s time we admit that). Fragmented teams, too many tools, and exploding vulnerabilities are a match made in heaven – for attackers.


Founded in 2018 by experts from leading cybersecurity service providers, Hackuity reinvents VM to protect organizations worldwide:


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About Appurity


Appurity specializes in assessing security environments and delivering best-in-class mobile and application security solutions that adhere to schemes and regulations such as Cyber Essentials and ISO. We work with companies to develop and implement impenetrable security strategies that utilize the latest technologies and security frameworks including ZTNA, SSE, CASB, and MTD. Our solutions are built to offer unparalleled protection — endpoint to cloud. For more information, visit