Hackuity’s New Smart Exposure Explorer Provides Unified Vulnerability Encyclopedia

April 12, 2023


SmartEx2 Aggregates Open-Source and Non-Public Vulnerability Information to improve the effectiveness of vulnerability management programs


Hackuity, the risk-based vulnerability management provider, today announced the newest feature to its platform to help organizations evaluate the real threats associated with CVEs.


Smart Exposure Explorer (SmartEx2) will serve as a unified encyclopedia for open-source and non-public vulnerability information, providing a more up-to-date and in-depth analysis of CVEs to Hackuity’s customers and partners.


Hackuity’s Exposure Management (EM) users will now have full access to SmartEx2, enabling security teams to evaluate real threats posed to their attack surfaces by each of the known 200,000 CVEs and innumerable non-CVE vulnerabilities. Hackuity’s SmartEx2 collects extensive information from Vulnerability Open-Source Intelligence providers as well as via Hackuity bots that monitor the dark web and deep web for advanced vulnerability intelligence.


SmartEx2 will provide even greater granularity regarding publicly and non-publicly disclosed vulnerabilities to give organizations the insights that matter most, including:


  • Real Exploitability, clearly indicating whether the CVE is exploitable by attackers.

  • Exploit Maturity, based on the number of exploits available to APTs or ransomware gangs.

  • Threat Intensity, derived from public social networks, the dark web, and the deep web to determine if attackers are using the CVE at that very moment.

“SmartEx2 is both an evolution of the Hackuity Exposure Management platform and a further demonstration of our belief that aggregation does not mean simply pulling all data into one place, it’s about enriching the data to provide more valuable insight to organizations than it would in silo,” said Sylvain Cortes, VP of Strategy, Hackuity. “The days of one-shot-wonder tools are over. Cybersecurity teams need integrated, unified platforms and protection in 2023, and Smart Exposure Explorer provides precisely this.”


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About Hackuity

For 20 years, VM has meant inventorying, assessing, and remediating. Except that 80% of cyberattacks use a vulnerability published half a decade ago. Translation: either cybersec professionals don’t care (not true) or they can’t keep up on their own (it’s time we admit that). Fragmented teams, too many tools, and exploding vulnerabilities are a match made in heaven – for attackers.


Founded in 2018 by experts from leading cybersecurity service providers, Hackuity reinvents VM to protect organizations worldwide:


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