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How to Meet the Challenges of Modern ASM
(Episode 1)

In this six-episode webinar series dedicated to Attack Surface Management, we break down abstract cybersec challenges into concrete solutions to better assess your exposure and avoid costly breaches.


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Attack Surface Management is not limited to the surface! 🚨


Today, the stock of vulnerabilities has grown so fast that systematic correction of CVEs or misconfigurations is no longer possible. Continuing to struggle manually through the entire Exposure Management process is a dead end for cybersecurity practitioners!


What you'll learn


Get opinionated insights from 17x Microsoft MVP Sylvain Cortes into tackling the top challenges when building an ASM program. You'll learn:

+ how to (and not to) implement a modern ASM program

+ how ASM helps prioritize 200K+ vulnerabilities (and counting…)

+ how to improve vulnerability remediation in the face of fragmented teams & too many tools 



What to expect


Sylvain Cortes spends ~30 minutes discussing ASM, followed by a Q&A. Prepare for some hard-hitting truths as Sylvain does not pull any cybersecurity punches.

Hosted by


Sylvain Cortes

17x Microsoft MVP & VP Strategy

Take your security to the next level

One vulnerability management solution, bringing clarity to your cyber vulnerability chaos.