The CISO’s Guide: Attack Surface Management (ASM) - Episode 1

In this six-guide series dedicated to Attack Surface Management, we break down abstract cybersec challenges into concrete solutions for your organization.


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Attack Surface Management is not limited to the surface! 🚨


Today, the stock of vulnerabilities has grown so fast that systematic correction of CVEs or misconfigurations is no longer possible. Continuing to struggle manually through the entire Exposure Management process is a dead end for cybersecurity practitioners!

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Get opinionated insights from 17x Microsoft MVP Sylvain Cortes into tackling the top challenges when building an ASM program. You'll discover how you can begin prioritizing vulnerability remediation in the face of:

+ Fragmented teams and responsibilities

+ Too many tools without a technical repository

+ An ever-increasing volume of vulnerabilities 



Sylvain Cortes

VP Strategy 
17X Microsoft MVP

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