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SmartEx2, Complete Vulnerability Intelligence

With Smart Exposure Explorer, Hackuity is reinventing Vulnerability Intelligence. You can now access all data needed to evaluate the real threats associated with CVEs and other vulnerabilities – from a single, unified interface.


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Using specialized bots, Hackuity aggregates open-source and non-public information to provide the deepest encyclopedia of CVEs to date. 

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Vulnerability Intelligence reinvented


SmartEx2 enables your teams to evaluate the real threats posed to your attack surface by each of the known 200,000 CVEs. Each CVE comes with a higher level of granularity:

+ Real exploitability, clearly indicating whether a CVE is exploitable by attackers.

+ Exploit maturity, based on the number of exploits available to APTs or ransomware gangs.

+ Threat intensity, via information drawn from public social networks, the dark web, and the deep web.

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Spend less time jumping between your findings and an encyclopedia, and more time securing your organization. All SmartEx2 information is automatically linked with your findings and asset view.

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One vulnerability management solution, bringing clarity to your cyber vulnerability chaos.